Other Publishers and Record Companies

Alfred Music Publishing
url: www.alfred.com

Alfred Music Publishing is the world’s largest educational music publisher. Alfred produces educational, reference, pop, and performance materials for teachers, students, professionals, and hobbyists spanning every musical instrument, style, and difficulty level. Alfred’s home office is located in Los Angeles with domestic offices in Miami and New York as well as offices around the world, including Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. In addition to its own titles, Alfred distributes products from over 50 companies, including Belwin, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, Dover Publications, DW Drums, Faber Music, Highland/Etling, Kalmus, National Guitar Workshop, Penguin, TASCAM, Ultimate Support, and WEA.

Beriato Music
url: www.beriato.com

The music publisher Beriato was set up ten years ago to offer a forum to talented young composers and to satisfy the increasingly high expectations of a growing market. The emphasis lies on giving a chance to Flemish talent above all, whether it be an established performer or a highly promising newcomer, with a European or even global approach. To this end, there are arrangements of popular numbers, symphonic transcripts, original works, marches, chamber music, and so on. All follow the same credo - affordable quality from professionals for so-called “amateurs”.

Brain Music
url: www.brain-music.com

BRAIN Co., Ltd., a highly successful recording/publishing company specializing in wind, classical, traditional and vocal music, located for the past 30 years in Hiroshima, Japan. Our goal is to offer products of the highest musical and technological quality. Not only in Japan, but also abroad, we hope that we can serve as a valuable reference source to musicians, educators and students. We hope to be a bridge between Japan and other countries, by introducing Japanese music outside of Japan, and bringing fine musical products into our country through distribution. We have, in recent years, established good ties abroad, and distribute international labels from USA, UK, Germany and Holland. We also distribute our CD, DVD products and music throughout the world in association with foreign distributors in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Germany and the United States.

C. L. Barnhouse
url: www.barnhouse.com

2010 marks the 124th anniversary of the establishment of C.L. Barnhouse Company, one of the oldest and continuously operating band-focused music publishing companies in the world.

Carl Fischer Music (Theodore Presser)
url: www.carlfischer.com

Carl Fischer Music looks back with pride with over 135 years of distinguished history as one of the few remaining family-owned music publishers and the leader in educational print music publishing. The company looks forward to the challenges posed by changing technologies and tastes of consumers worldwide. Throughout the years, Carl Fischer Music has educated and inspired individuals to study and perform music through its new, innovative products as well as its foundational back catalog. If you are a musician, there is a good chance that you have used Carl Fischer publications.

De Haske
url: www.dehaske.com

In 1983 Jan de Haan created De Haske publishing house in Oude Haske ("old Haske"), Holland. As composer of music for concert band and a conductor of various concert bands Jan de Haan began the business selling solely his own compositions. Later he added works by many young successful composers including his brother Jacob de Haan and the Belgian composer Jan Van der Roost. After a short time the publishing house moved into a larger purpose built building in Heerenveen in the north of Holland. De Haske rapidly made a name for itself in many countries around the World and in 1989 the first local branch was opened in Switzerland, followed by the USA (1995), Germany (1996), France (1997) Italy (1998) and United Kingdom (2000).

Editions Robert Martin
url: www.edrmartin.com

A French wind music publisher.

GIA Publications
url: www.giamusic.com

GIA stands for Quality Music and Music Education Resources!

Music with the musician in mind
• Coordinated editions
• Full scores
• Choral scores
• Instrumental parts for brass, strings, handbells, and virtually every modern instrument

Innovative music education products
• Guides for teachers
• Early childhood music development
• Instrumental instruction
• Vocal instruction
• The only truly sequential music curriculum-kindergarten through middle school
• College and professional texts
• Music aptitude and achievement tests

Hal Leonard
url: www.halleonard.com

Today, Hal Leonard Corporation, led by Chairman and CEO Keith Mardak and President Larry Morton, is the world leader in the music print industry. The company produces sheet music, songbooks, and method book/CD packs for all instruments, as well as band and choral arrangements, reference books, instructional DVDs and videos, CD-ROMs and other music software, children's music products and more. Hal Leonard products are sold in more than 65 countries throughout the world through a large network of distributors. Domestically, the company markets its product to more than 7,500 music stores in the United States and Canada through a team of 45 sales representatives. Hal Leonard is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and also has domestic offices in Winona, MN; New York; and Nashville; and offices abroad in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Molenaar Edition
url: www.molenaar.com

A Dutch wind music publisher.

Music Eight Inc
url: www.music8.com

A Japanese wind music publisher specialising in wind band and ensemble arrangements of popular songs.

Southern Music Company
url: www.southernmusic.com

Southern Music Company is both a retail and wholesale distributor of music from over 500 publishers from around the world. In addition, we also publish the music of many world renowned composers, arrangers and editors. We publish over 5,000 educational and concert music works.

Tierolff Muziekvcentrale
url: www.tierolff.nl

The publishing department of Tierolff Muziekcentrale is founded in 1899, so we’re already in our 3rd century! Some of our today’s composers are Harm Evers, John Nimbly, Rob Balfoort, Willy Hautvast, Ivo Kouwenhoven, Wim Laseroms, Ton Verhiel, Kees Vlak, André Waignein, Benoît Chantry, Olivier Pols and the late Randy Beck. More recently Wong Kah Chun from Singapore and Chen Qian, Wang Hesheng and Yu Jianfang from China have joined our composers team as well as the Austrian composers Fritz Neuböck and Thomas Asanger and Evan Feldman from the US. The latest sax ensemble composer that joined our team is Eric Craviatto from France.

Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra

The Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra (TKWO) was established in 1960 under the aegis of the Japan-based Buddhist organization Rissho Kosei-kai. TKWO has released more than 300 CDs. Maestro Douglas Bostock was named as TKWO’s Principal Conductor in 2000 and Principal Guest Conductor since 2006. He and TKWO have been moving in a new direction with wind music by taking a fresh look at works from Europe. The Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra appeared at the 12th World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) International Conference to be held in Singapore in July, in Switzerland (Bern and Lucerne), and at the 15th World Music Contest in the Netherlands.

TRN Music Publisher
url: trnmusic.com

Located in the Rocky Mountains of southern New Mexico, TRN Music Publisher, Inc. has been dedicated to publishing fine Band and Orchestra music since 1973. TRN is perhaps more known for its European Marches, and more difficult and lengthy works, but is steadily publishing more and more young band and orchestra pieces. TRN's Music challenges not only advanced groups, but provides motivational music for young ensembles as well.

Walking Frog Records
url: www.walkingfrog.com

The Walking Frog Records catalog of CD recordings contains selected CDs by the world's finest concert & wind bands, period music performers, virtuoso brass and woodwind instrumentalists, percussion groups and jazz ensembles. Our CDs are of special interest to band directors, wind and percussion instructors, student musicians, former band musicians or just about anyone who is who is interested in quality recordings of band, wind or percussion music. With this new web-site, we have added hundreds of new sound samples to help you make informed decisions about these recordings. We have also added a DVD & Video section to the web-site.

Established in 1994 as a mail order catalog, Walking Frog Records now offers this website for immediate access to all of the CDs in the printed catalog as well as many that are available exclusively online.

World Wind Music
url: www.mirasound.nl

A Dutch wind music record company.